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Applied AI Transformation

We work with senior executives to undergo an applied AI transformation that generates real value for their business and customers by leveraging data and building successful AI solutions.

  • AI readiness and maturity assessment
  • AI opportunity identification
  • AI vision and strategy

Data and Analytics Strategy

Leveraging today’s data to generate target outcomes requires highly rare and specialized leadership, strategic skills, and analytics expertise, all of which InnoArchiTech offers. We help develop a vision, strategy, and prioritized roadmap to turn your data into value.

  • Data and analytics readiness and maturity assessment
  • Data and analytics vision and strategy
  • Data and analytics maturity strategy

Data Team Organization and Strategy

Companies are desperate to find the right, often unicorn data and analytics talent, as well as build teams that can successfully deliver today's advanced data products and solutions. Companies also struggle to properly assess talent and prioritize required skills for a given role. We help develop a winning data team organization and talent strategy based on having successfully cultivated and grown advanced analytics and product teams from the ground up.

  • Data team organization assessment
  • Data team organization strategy
  • Data and analytics talent acquisition, retention, and growth strategy