Guest Blogging

Are you interested in writing awesome articles for InnoArchiTech in order to share your knowledge and expertise with others, while also promoting your personal brand? If the answer is yes, then thank you so much for your interest, and here are some guidelines to help determine if InnoArchiTech is the right fit!

InnoArchiTech enjoys a large global audience, and therefore gives authors a great opportunity to help others learn about technical topics. It also offers excellent exposure, brand building, and recognition opportunities for guest contributors and authors.

The InnoArchiTech blog is focused primarily on the topics of scalable software, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT solutions. Articles are focused on the concepts, techniques, best practices, and trends related to these topics.

To promote consistency throughout InnoArchiTech’s content, it’s important that guest articles target a similar audience, structure, depth, and general style as existing articles on the site.

Please note that we do not accept content that:

  • Includes any copyright violations, copyright infringement, and/or plagiarism
  • Is exactly the same, or very similar to content already published elsewhere
  • Is offensive or inaccurate
  • Is overly promotional for your company or organization
  • Is overly critical

Guest content submissions should be characterized by the following:

  • Contains original and high-quality concepts and writing
  • Relatively high-level, but can include some level of technical detail and/or rigor (e.g., code examples, sample data, visualizations, etc.).
    • In other words, articles should be written at a level that an executive can understand, but is still very useful to a technical practitioner as well.
  • 2000 words minimum
  • Follows this structure with appropriate headers (or similar):
    • Introduction
    • Middle content sections
    • Summary/Conclusion
  • Covers one of the topics, or a sub-topic, from those listed above
  • Includes 2 or more images and/or visual aids
  • Contains proper permissions or attribution where appropriate (outside content references, quotes, research, data, etc.)

If this sounds like a good fit and you’d like to explore writing for InnoArchiTech further, please use our contact form below to let us know!

Cheers, and thanks again for your interest!

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