Alex Castrounis helps companies to quickly and cost effectively develop a data and analytics strategy, undergo a data transformation, and build great products and teams.


Alex is an analytics and product strategy consultant that can help companies in the following areas:

Data Science and Advanced Analytics strategy

Turn your data into benefits, outcomes, and competitive advantage. Develop a strategy to leverage data science and advanced analytics techniques to generate deep actionable insights, make better decisions, achieve business goals, and much more.

  • Opportunity identification and prioritization

  • Vision and strategy development

  • Planning and oversight

  • Success metrics development, tracking, and analysis

  • Continuous improvement and optimization strategy development

  • AI and machine learning research

Product strategy and Management

Develop a vision, strategy, and prioritized roadmap for building great human-centered, benefit-driven products and features. Leverage lean and agile techniques to quickly learn and maximize value.

  • Benefit-driven product vision and strategy development

  • Product discovery, ideation, and definition

  • Goal-aligned prioritized product roadmap development

  • Resource/budget planning and allocation

  • Market and competition research

  • Product success metrics development, tracking, and analysis

  • Lean/agile product development oversight

Team Strategy, Development, and Growth [data, analytics, product management]

Build, grow, and continuously improve an effective, highly competent, and successful data science, advanced analytics, and/or product management team.

  • Talent assessment, hiring, on-boarding, and development

  • Team leadership and mentorship

  • Team core competency strategy and development

  • Team readiness and maturity assessment and gap strategy development

  • Establish and track team and individual goals, KPIs, and/or OKRs

  • Establish and continuously improve team processes, standards, tooling, and best practices


  • Simplification and education around complex subjects for non-technical stakeholders

  • Conversion of ideas into valuable and beneficial products, solutions, and outcomes

  • Generate a shared vision and understanding around key initiatives and projects

  • Proper expectation setting amongst key stakeholders

  • Help to increase the likelihood of initiative/project success

  • Effective communication with key stakeholders

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Alex also offers remote consultation

Schedule a remote consultation with Alex. An expert in business, analytics, and product management, Alex has nearly 20 years of innovation experience. His primary areas of expertise are data science and advanced analytics.

Remote consultation is billed at Alex’s current hourly rate and is subject to availability. Remote sessions can be scheduled in 15 minute increments up to an hour per session.