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Consulting packages to help you know what to do with your data

Benefit From Your Data • Eliminate Confusion • Build Great Data Products


Easy Steps to Your Data Plan

STEP 1 - Contact us

STEP 2 - We learn about your specific needs

STEP 3 - You choose one of our consulting packages listed below

STEP 4 - You know what to do with your data

Core Packages

Gaps and Opportunities

We help you understand your data opportunities, come up with great ideas for you to benefit from your data, and identify any gaps that could prevent these benefits from becoming a reality.

  • Assessments include data, readiness, and maturity

  • Opportunities are ways to produce value, benefits, and better outcomes with your data


The Data Plan

We help you prioritize data opportunities, make decisions, fill gaps, and make your data opportunities a reality with a customized data plan. We also help educate stakeholders on the plan in an easy to understand way.


The Data Product Plan

We help you create great data products using advanced analytics (artificial intelligence and machine learning) with a customized and prioritized product roadmap. This includes coming up with best ideas for your specific needs.


Custom Packages

Team Strategy

[Data or Product]

We help you build and grow a healthy, effective, and successful data or product management team using a customized plan. We can also help improve and grow existing teams.


Transitional Leadership

[Data or Product]

We help create seamless leadership transitions by providing transitional team leadership and oversight of initiatives and projects across both data and product management disciplines.


The Combo

Combine multiple packages into a single engagement! Contact us to learn more.



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