Alex Castrounis

Founder, Analytics and Product Strategy Consultant

InnoArchiTech® is Alex Castrounis’ brand, which stands for the product and data-centered innovation, solution architectures, and technologies needed to win in today’s digital age.


How Alex Can Help

Based on nearly 20 years of innovation experience, Alex helps companies to quickly and cost effectively develop a data and analytics strategy, undergo a digital transformation, and build great products and teams. He offers customized consulting services to meet your specific needs.

Why Work with Alex?

Alex is the author of AI for People and Business, an analytics and product strategy consultant, and founder of InnoArchiTech. He has an M.S. in applied mathematics, awarded with distinction, and nearly 20 years of innovation experience. Alex’s primary areas of expertise are data science, advanced analytics, and product management.

Alex has helped facilitate innovation and digital transformation for companies in many industries, including retail, marketing, E-commerce, advertising, consumer goods, manufacturing, human resources, legal, parking management, and professional motorsports (IndyCar and Champ Car/CART).

Alex has been featured as a speaker by organizations such as O’Reilly, Apple, Expedia, E*Trade, 1871, General Assembly, Northwestern University, and DePaul University.

Alex has also been featured by many industry-leading innovation and technology publications such as O’Reilly Media, Knowledge@Wharton, KDnuggets, and DataCamp.