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InnoArchiTech was founded by . We provide consulting, education, writing, and speaking services focused on transforming data into value. This is done by leveraging state of the art artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques in order to achieve business and customer goals, and also to improve human experiences.

At his day job, Alex is the vice president of product and advanced analytics at Rocket Wagon, an enterprise IoT and digital services company. Before working in tech, Alex worked ten years and over 100 races worldwide as a race strategist, data scientist, and vehicle dynamicist for IndyCar racing teams and the Indianapolis 500.

Champ Car Gran Premio of Mexico City
The grid of the 2007 Champ Car Mexico City Grand Prix. Alex is shown on the right.

Alex created and writes for the InnoArchiTech blog in order to share knowledge and expertise to benefit others. In Alex’s opinion, transformative technology solutions are:

  • Innovative and differentiated
  • Those that generate and maintain significant competitive advantage
  • Problem solving
  • Benefit-driven and not feature-driven
  • Exceptionally designed
    • UX, UI, interactions, animations, and information architecture
  • User-centric and highly usable
    • The why, how, and what is self-evident, or at least self-explanatory
  • Future-proof and/or easily updatable
  • Scalable, performant, maintainable, reliable, extensible, available, and durable

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