InnoArchiTech was founded by Alex Castrounis. Alex is an independent consultant, author of AI for People and Business, speaker, and former IndyCar racecar engineer and race strategist.

He has helped B2B and B2C companies leverage data and advanced analytics to generate actionable insights, make better decisions, improve outcomes, and create successful products. He has also delivered talks and trainings to thousands of people on the benefits of AI, machine learning, data science, and product strategy.

Alex Castrounis Headshot
Alex Castrounis | Founder and Consultant

Alex offers a differentiated approach for achieving winning results based on his unique experience and expertise. Alex has generated top results in professional motorsports, provided trusted consultation to enterprise companies, and helped build highly successful products for industry-leading tech companies.

Alex Castrounis | 2007 Indianapolis 500
Race Engineer & Strategist, Car #02
[Reprinted from RACER Magazine with Permission]

Alex Castrounis is available for:

  • Short-term strategic projects
  • Speaking/training engagements
  • Interim CxO/VP positions
  • Board member positions


  • Data and analytics strategy
  • Product strategy and management
  • AI, machine learning, and data science

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