We Help You Know What to Do with Your Data

Benefit from Your Data • Eliminate Confusion • Build Great Data Products


InnoArchiTech® stands for the innovation, solution architectures, and technologies needed to win in today’s digital age.


How InnoArchiTech Can Help

InnoArchiTech helps business leaders in many industries and company sizes quickly develop a plan to benefit from their data and also build great data products and solutions.

We help you benefit from traditional and advanced analytics, as well as great product strategy and management. We offer customized consulting services to meet your specific needs.

InnoArchiTech was founded by Alex Castrounis, who serves as the company’s CEO and principal consultant. An expert in business, analytics, and product management, Alex has nearly 20 years of innovation experience. Alex is also the author of AI for People and Business (O’Reilly, 2019).


Why Work with InnoArchiTech?

  • We teach business leaders how to convert their data into value and to promote data-driven outcomes—without resorting to technical jargon, buzzwords, and unnecessarily complex or proprietary frameworks, models, and steps.

  • We apply our extensive product design and strategy experience, combined with our deep expertise in analytics, to help businesses build great data-centric products and solutions.


Our Leadership

Alex Castrounis

Founder, CEO, and Principal Consultant

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