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InnoArchiTech provides technical consulting, education, writing, and speaking services on fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, product design and management, and big data. The word InnoArchiTech represents the innovation, architecture, and technologies needed to create best-in-class software and data solutions.

is the founder and president of InnoArchiTech. He created and writes for the InnoArchiTech blog to share knowledge and expertise to benefit others. Topics include scalable software, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT solutions. Articles are therefore focused on the concepts, techniques, best practices, and trends related to these topics.

In Alex’s opinion, best-in-class software and data solutions are those that are designed, built, and delivered, such that they are:

  • Innovative
  • Problem solving
    • Helps users get one or more jobs done (e.g., JTBD)
  • Benefit-driven and not feature-driven
    • Free of feature bloat
  • Exceptionally designed
    • UX, UI, interactions, animations, and information architecture
  • User-centric and highly usable
    • The why, how, and what is self-evident, or at least self-explanatory
  • Future-proof and/or easily updatable
  • Scalable, performant, maintainable, reliable, extensible, available, and durable

InnoArchiTech also reflects Alex’s greatest interests, which are:

  • Business, data science, and product leadership and management
  • Agile, kanban, and lean-driven product development
  • Innovation, differentiation, and competitive advantage
  • Educating and mentoring
  • The technical topics mentioned above

Alex has held leadership roles in data science and advanced analytics, software architecture and engineering, and product. Alex spent ten years as a race strategist, data scientist, vehicle dynamicist, and software engineer for IndyCar racing teams, and was a race strategist for over 100 races, including six Indianapolis 500s.

Champ Car Gran Premio of Mexico City

To learn more about Alex, including his background and interests, please feel free to visit his portfolio website at