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InnoArchiTech has created value for industry-leading companies and entrepreneurial tech communities.

is the founder and president of InnoArchiTech, and also VP of AI and Data Science at Rocket Wagon. He is an AI and data science expert, advisor, author, educator, and speaker.

Alex Castrounis Headshot

Alex's key accomplishments include

  • Former head of data science and vehicle dynamics at Andretti Autosport, running a program that contributed largely to the success of a four-car IndyCar team
  • Former IndyCar and Champ Car data scientist, race strategist, and vehicle dynamicist who worked over 100 races worldwide, including the Indianapolis 500
  • Book Author, "AI For People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success", O'Reilly Media, Publication Date TBD
  • Creator and ongoing instructor of a three-part live online training series on AI ()
  • Created and taught , an online course
  • Writer for industry-leading publications
  • Public speaker on AI, machine learning, data science, and product management
  • Creator and host of the podcast
  • Data science and product management instructor at General Assembly
  • Creator of a for AI, machine learning, data science, IoT, and more

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