Welcome! is the Founder and President of InnoArchiTech, as well as a consultant, author, and speaker.

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InnoArchiTech helps companies create successful data solutions that benefit both people and business.

We offer a differentiated approach for achieving winning results based on Alex’s unique experience and expertise. Alex has generated top results as a former IndyCar and Indianapolis 500 race strategist and racecar optimization engineer, provided trusted consultation to enterprise companies, and helped build highly successful products for industry-leading tech companies.

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Alex is also a book author and creator of a benefit-centered framework for developing AI solutions for better human experiences and business success.


  • Data and Analytics Strategy
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science
  • Data Product Strategy and Management
  • Lean/Agile Product Development
  • Talent Assessment and Team Strategy
  • IndyCar and Indianapolis 500 Race Strategy and Racecar Optimization

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