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What Is Data Science, and What Does a Data Scientist Do?

This article describes the "pillars" of data science expertise, the role and responsibilities of a data scientist, differences between related roles, and the data scientist's toolbox.

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Scalable Software and Big Data Architecture - Application Types, Requirements, and Components

Part 1/2 of the 'Scalable Software and Big Data Architecture' series. This article covers application types, requirements, and components.

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IndyCar - a Technical and Not So Technical Overview

Professional motorsports is all about gaining competitive advantage through engineering, data science, strategy, statistics, mechanical reliability, fast pit stops, and teamwork. This is my talk on professional motorsports, and my experience working in IndyCar and Champ Car.

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and IoT Resources

My GitHub repository of resources related to data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, internet of things (IoT), and more!

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How to Choose the Right Database System: RDBMS vs. NoSql vs. NewSQL

Understanding how and why to choose the right database system is critical when architecting solutions, including the choice between relational (RDBMS) vs. NoSQL vs. NewSQL.

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Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks Explained

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks, explained here, are powerful machine learning techniques solving many real-world problems.

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